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Harvest Work

Our Vision

In the U.S. alone about 75 million tons of organic waste end up in landfills. As they decompose, powerful greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane are released which contribute to climate change. It is our vision to re-think what is done with organic waste. These materials have value and by breaking them down into raw components we can create valuable and innovative materials that one day when thrown away, can be integrated into our soils and once again be part of our ecosystems without causing harm. 

Our Mission

NexoTerra strives to develop biodegradable grow cubes that offer a sustainable alternative to rockwool, coco coir, and soil-based growing mediums. With this in mind, we hope to promote a change where we no longer see organic waste as just waste but rather as a valuable source of material that can be used to help our society live a more sustainable lifestyle that is coincident with the natural world. As we expand we will diversify beyond our cannabis solution to utilize other waste streams and continue to create value where it's needed.

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